how habits are formed

When the announcer said his name, he stepped on the starting block and then stepped down, like he did before every swimming race. He swung his arms three times, like he had done before every race since he was twelve. The, he stepped on the block and took his stance. When the gun went off, he dived.

Instantly, he knew something was wrong. Moisture seeped inside his swimming googles. He hoped things wouldn’t turn bad. But by the third and final lap, he couldn’t see anything. Water had filled his goggles.

It was the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing. Most swimmers would panic if they lost sight during an Olympics race.

what people who are not creative lack

It’s nice,” my mother said in response to a mind map I drew. That’s her most generous appreciation of my work. A “nice” from my mother for my work is equal to a “wow” from others.

“It’s nice,” she said. “You apply what you learn. But I can’t do this.”

“Why not?” I asked, fully aware of what I would hear.

“I’m not creative enough.”


She shrugged and walked away. Apparently, she was in no mood for my pseudo-deep talks. But why doesn’t she feel creative?

how to achieve goals successfully

Another week has passed. Take a minute to reflect on your goals. You want to earn more money. Or learn a new skill which will skyrocket your career. Or pursue an unrelated hobby. But you accomplished nothing worth mention last week. You didn’t take any significant steps to achieve your goals. You just couldn’t find the time or motivation.

Someday, you’ll find time. Someday, everything will fall in place. Someday, you’ll smile, satisfied with your lifestyle. Until then, you’ll wait. You’ll do whatever comes your way – at work, at home, and in life.

But deep down, you know the truth. You’ve played the waiting game for far too long, and it isn’t working. This frustrating pattern has continued for longer than you remember. It’s as predictable as Monday Blues. You’ve come to a silent, informal agreement with it. This frustration is now part of your everyday life.


Admit it. You’re frustrated.

Each day, a lot happens around you. It’s enough to drive you crazy. You do your best to keep up with it all. And you do a commendable job.

But it doesn’t make you happy. Why?

Why do you experience the tug of dissatisfaction? Why does it feel like you were meant to do more? Where is the peace and happiness your parents had promised you would get when you grew up?

TED Talks make better life

Do you lie awake at night, wondering whether there is more to life? I do.

Ever wondered while commuting to work, whether life is more than just working and going home? I would, when I worked in the corporate.

Ever longed for more in life? I do. Every day.

Even today, after almost three years of working for myself, I feel life has much more to offer.

meeting deadlines at workplace

On Monday morning, he said, “I’ll finish this by today evening.”

In the evening, he said, “I didn’t find time. You’ll get it by tomorrow morning for sure.”

The next day, he was unreachable till late afternoon. “I’m really sorry. I’ve been busy. I guarantee I’ll complete this by tomorrow morning”, he said when we finally spoke.

This went on like Groundhog Day for a week. Finally, he turned in a semi-finished project and said, “I’ve done what I can. Have a look and let me know what you think. I’ll make the changes you want.”

In the end, what was promised in less than twenty four hours took two weeks to be completed.


She was beautiful. Elegant and sophisticated, she bounded up the pub’s staircase. For a moment, I felt jealous of the person(s) she was meeting.

She looked happy. Until she came across a speed breaker: a guy shooting the lounge’s stairway on his smartphone. Maybe he was an influencer. Or a self-proclaimed food connoisseur.

Politely, she requested for space. He didn’t budge. She waited a few seconds before raising her voice. This time, he let her pass without lowering the phone. Both grimaced. Then he returned to shooting the pub’s staircase and walls.

I turned to tell my friend what I saw. But she was busy with her phone. With nothing better to do, I sipped on my beer and glanced around.

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