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More time? MORE TIME?

Am I crazy? You can’t even finish your existing tasks. How will you find more time? How will you be more productive?

Each morning, you wake up with the resolve to make the most of the day, to be more productive than yesterday. But when the day ends, you wonder where it went. When you reflect, your realize how much time you wasted. This wastage, you discover, is why you didn’t do many important things.

Tomorrow will be different, you promise yourself. You’ll buckle up and use your time meaningfully. You’ll complete important tasks which will make you feel happy. You will find time to do everything that’s important to you.

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On Monday morning, he said, “I’ll finish this by today evening.”

In the evening, he said, “I didn’t find time. You’ll get it by tomorrow morning for sure.”

The next day, he was unreachable till late afternoon. “I’m really sorry. I’ve been busy. I guarantee I’ll complete this by tomorrow morning”, he said when we finally spoke.

This went on like Groundhog Day for a week. Finally, he turned in a semi-finished project and said, “I’ve done what I can. Have a look and let me know what you think. I’ll make the changes you want.”

In the end, what was promised in less than twenty four hours took two weeks to be completed.

Is Technology Slowing Us Down?

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She was beautiful. Elegant and sophisticated, she bounded up the pub’s staircase. For a moment, I felt jealous of the person(s) she was meeting.

She looked happy. Until she came across a speed breaker: a guy shooting the lounge’s stairway on his smartphone. Maybe he was an influencer. Or a self-proclaimed food connoisseur.

Politely, she requested for space. He didn’t budge. She waited a few seconds before raising her voice. This time, he let her pass without lowering the phone. Both grimaced. Then he returned to shooting the pub’s staircase and walls.

I turned to tell my friend what I saw. But she was busy with her phone. With nothing better to do, I sipped on my beer and glanced around.

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In the 1950s, Japan was recovering from the after effects of World War II. The country was focused on growing its economy. A large population resided in the cities of Osaka and Tokyo, which were separated by 320 miles of train tracks. Large amounts of raw material and labor was transported on those rail lines. However, the mountainous terrain and obsolete railway system meant each journey could take up to twenty hours.

So, in 1955, the railway ministry issued a challenge to the nation’s finest engineers: invent a faster train. A prototype was unveiled six months later. Traveling at sixty five miles an hour, it was one of the fastest passenger trains in the world.

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Deadlines, pending projects, emails, instant notifications…

Scientists (and movies) promised us that the 21st century would be better. Technology would make our lives easier. We would enjoy dinner with our families while robots handled daily tasks.

But judgement day didn’t come, as John Connor said. Technology, the element touted to make our lives easier, has ruined it.

Today, everyone overdoses on something. Most of us OD on unproductivity. We are always rushing, but rarely experience the feeling of productive accomplishment. At the end of a ‘good day’, we might tick seventeen items off our to-do-list. But what have we really achieved?

The overdose of pseudo-productivity has also led to an overdose in procrastination – delaying something important in favor for something fun and unproductive. Or, the feeling of wanting to do nothing at all – to waste time.

9 apps to help you improve productivity at work and in life


That’s how many hours you have in a day. But the number of tasks on your imaginary to-do list outnumber these hours 5 to 1.

Work, pending projects, chores, spending time with your partner, movies, shopping, social media status updates… the list can go on.

Time is always against you. No matter how much you do, you keep lagging. In fact, you often feel like you haven’t really gone anywhere. You want to move forward like a tiger. Instead, you feel like a guinea pig running on a wheel.

What if I said that this feeling of helplessness is self-induced, that it’s time to get help?