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Twitter tips for beginners

In the previous post, I wrote about the significance of Twitter and how the platform functions (read it here). Responses were diverse, ranging from people mentioning that they are addicted to it also (like yours truly), to saying that they don’t understand the platform, but want to give it another shot.

Snapchat has eclipsed Twitter in daily users (source). Frankly, that isn’t surprising. Because I believe that people who optimally know how to use Twitter, are lifelong learners. They aren’t looking for an instant dopamine and oxytocin rush (well, not to the levels of other platforms anyway). But that doesn’t stop Twitter from falling in the list of social media platforms being used monthly.

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“We must help children on the autism spectrum to get in touch with their emotions,” Kamini Lakhani said one day. “Because it’s difficult for them to understand emotions, they do and say things that people find ‘abnormal’ “, she explained. “Addressing this will make it easier for them to build genuine relationships and lead more fulfilling lives.”

Kamini is a brilliant woman. Each time she speaks, I listen in awe. Just like a million other interactions with her, this one was a revelation for me. It gave me deeper insights into autism. I shared these thoughts on Reddit to get opinions of others who know about the condition. One of them (on the autism spectrum herself) knocked the wind out of my lungs with her response.

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