how to lead a happy life

Have you ever asked yourself questions like:

“Why does this always happen to me?”

“Why do I always fall for the wrong people?”

“Why do I always get passed over for a promotion?”

“Why does everyone fight with me?”

Do you find yourself involved in similar situations across various aspects of life?

In Favor of Smart Work

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how to be a smart worker and be more productive

Imagine this.

You are onboard a sinking ship. Everyone with you on that ship is busy draining the water out. But the water is filling in the ship faster than people can drain it out. The ship is still sinking.

Now, you have a magic glue (probably invented by 3M) that can plug all leaks effectively.

There’s just one catch.

Should You Control Your Emotions?

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how to control your emotions in relationships and at work


They are essential. They motivate us to take decisions and action. Recognizing emotions in others helps you communicate without words. You can understand them, and they can understand you.

And yet, they often are the root cause of suffering.

donald trump presidential win

Donald Trump won. How did it happen! The world is shocked. The Hillary wave was overwhelming. Most pundits predicted a landslide win for her. 55 media publications claimed that Hillary Clinton would become the 45th President of the United States of America. Only two predicted a Trump victory. And yet…

This post is not to judge whether America made the right choice. Instead, it wonders how we missed seeing the writing on the wall, when it was so stark. How did the candidate, who won the popular vote, lose the electoral college?

“Wait Till Monday”

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be patient in life by managing your emotions

We worked on a project for a client, who remunerated us handsomely; ’we’ being three young freelancers and me. All was good the first month. Everyone, including the client, was happy.

Then, things went south.

how to live a meaningful life and avoid negativity

Some Hollywood scenes are iconic. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stoic “I’ll be back”. Or Darth Vader telling Luke Skywalker who his father is; the Joker taking his mask off for the first time in The Dark Knight; Neo stopping bullets in the closing scenes of The Matrix… And of course, Jack and Rose standing on the deck of the Titanic.

We yearn to live our entire lives like Jack and Rose lived that moment – carefree, arms spread, the breeze in our faces.

Of course, you know the Titanic and the (infamous) iceberg that sunk it. Today, you have access to in-depth details about every major crash in the history of mankind.

But when it comes to people, you don’t hear about sunk ships. Instead, the media fawns over achievers – people whose ships stay on course to reach their destinations.

how to set goals and achieve them and become productive

In the 1950s, Japan was recovering from the after effects of World War II. The country was focused on growing its economy. A large population resided in the cities of Osaka and Tokyo, which were separated by 320 miles of train tracks. Large amounts of raw material and labor was transported on those rail lines. However, the mountainous terrain and obsolete railway system meant each journey could take up to twenty hours.

So, in 1955, the railway ministry issued a challenge to the nation’s finest engineers: invent a faster train. A prototype was unveiled six months later. Traveling at sixty five miles an hour, it was one of the fastest passenger trains in the world.

what to remember when life does not go your way

As a child, I was fascinated by the Indian army. I loved their uniforms, weapons, vehicles (especially the trucks), their macho physiques… I wanted to be a soldier when I grew up. But my frail physique and poor eyesight made this career a no-go.

But that didn’t deter my love for the army, or camouflage clothes. I yearned to own and wear them. My parents didn’t share this enthusiasm though.

Last week, before leaving for a meeting, I showed my attire off to my mother – camouflage t-shirt, brown cargos, light brown Woodland shoes and a camouflage bag.

I have two camouflage t-shirts and pajamas, and track pants. I am looking for a sexy camouflage riding jacket. Heck, if I come across camouflage underclothes, I’ll buy them too.

Listening: The Alex Ferguson Way

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On 8th May 2013, Sir Alexander Ferguson stepped down as manager of the football club Manchester United. The sun set on an illustrious 57-year career in football. Of them, seventeen were as a player, and thirty nine as a manager. In those thirty nine years, Ferguson won forty nine trophies. No surprises then, that he is regarded as one of the greatest managers of all time.

Did Alex Ferguson listen to people? Yes. Did he need to?

In an analogue world, the typical answer would be “no”. Successful people know their ropes better than others. People should listen to them. They hang on to every word the successful folk utter. That’s why, the latter launch into monologues like they know everything. But Alex Ferguson listened. And he listened well.