how to become more creative

In the previous post on creativity, you read how Toyota used conflict to fuel innovation. Instead of restricting them, this conflict enabled Toyota to come out with a Lexus that beat its rivals at Mercedes and BMW in all areas, including price.

Today, let’s look at another story. Here, innovation was not planned. It occurred by accident. Rather, it was ‘stolen’. Yet, the original creator of idea, and the organization, were happy with the outcome. That idea led to the invention of a product which we cannot live without.

3M provides centers and forums for scientists and other employees to share knowledge and discuss ideas. These ideas, if practical, are then nurtured into opportunities and eventually converted into products. The Technical Council and Technical Forum – both of which are for 3M’s scientists – are two examples of 3M’s most fruitful forums.

what to do when you don't feel like doing anything

Deadlines, pending projects, emails, instant notifications…

Scientists (and movies) promised us that the 21st century would be better. Technology would make our lives easier. We would enjoy dinner with our families while robots handled daily tasks.

But judgement day didn’t come, as John Connor said. Technology, the element touted to make our lives easier, has ruined it.

Today, everyone overdoses on something. Most of us OD on unproductivity. We are always rushing, but rarely experience the feeling of productive accomplishment. At the end of a ‘good day’, we might tick seventeen items off our to-do-list. But what have we really achieved?

The overdose of pseudo-productivity has also led to an overdose in procrastination – delaying something important in favor for something fun and unproductive. Or, the feeling of wanting to do nothing at all – to waste time.

how to grow in a career using the weak ties theory

It’s a paradox, isn’t it? People you know and trust are the ones who will help you in times of need. To a large extent, that’s true. But for professional development or career options, your close relations are not so effective. In a study dating back to 1973, sociologist Mark Granovetter proved that people were 58 percent more likely to succeed in getting a job through those whom they didn’t know well.

What’s happening here? Well, turns out that there is a logical explanation.

People you know well are your strong ties. They are part of your inner circles for a reason. They enjoy similar things, prefer places you like, like the same movies as you. In fact, their perspectives are similar to yours too. And that’s why some glaring drawbacks are visible in these relations.

Self Improvement tips from Lord Shiva

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I am a huge Lord Shiva devotee. A few days ago, I visited the Somnath temple in Gujarat. I sat in the temple undisturbed, soaking his aura for a good fifteen minutes. Then I explored the imposing campus, filled with grass and tiles – both of which were kind on my bare feet – and smaller temples. But the statues of Lord Shiva in various events of His life stood out. One statue was of Him with His wife and children. Another one was where sages, hands folded in deference, surrounded Him. A third was half Him and half Parvathi, His wife. Yet another one showed Him helping the Moon God when the latter was struck by a curse. To say that these statues took my breath away is an understatement.

Lord Shiva resides in the snowy peaks of Mount Kailash. He is known as the Lord of destruction. But He is also the Lord of contentment, a hermit. When He moves from the peak of Kailash to the river banks Kashi, He becomes Shankar, the householder.

how to improve yourself every day

“I want to get better at designing”, a friend said. “My colleagues don’t agree, but I need to improve a lot. What should I do?”

This question plagues most of us. Some people believe that they are God’s gift to mankind in their fields. But the vast majority (including yours truly) believe that they are not good enough. They want to improve – every day. The only problem? They don’t know how.

Does this question keep you up at night, too?

how can i become creative

What is creativity? It is the use of imagination and original ideas to create something. Robert E. Franken defines creativity as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others. According to Linda Naiman, it is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It involves two process: thinking, and executing, she explains. “If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.”

If you paint or sing, or draw interesting conclusions from boring data sheets, or even use your commuting time effectively, you are creative.

how you can succeed by looking at things in different ways

Taraka, the demon king, is Indra’s most dangerous enemy. Only a son from Lord Shiva can kill Taraka. But Shiva has no desire to father a child. No amount of seduction from Indra’s apsaras or arrows of Kama (Cupid’s bow for the West) affect Him. In fact, this relentless effort of Indra frustrates Him enough to open His third eye and reduce Kama to ash.

Lord Vishnu then takes help from the Goddess, who dons the avatar of  Kamakshi. She doesn’t approach Shiva as a damsel, but as a a devotee. Impressed by Her devotion, Shiva marries Her and they together produce Kartikeya, who becomes the devas’ commander-in-chief and goes on to kill Taraka.

Kamakshi transforms Shiva the hermit, into Shankar the householder. She leads Him from the icy and isolated peak of Kashi to the great marketplace city of Kashi. How? Is it because She is a woman?

9 apps to help you improve productivity at work and in life


That’s how many hours you have in a day. But the number of tasks on your imaginary to-do list outnumber these hours 5 to 1.

Work, pending projects, chores, spending time with your partner, movies, shopping, social media status updates… the list can go on.

Time is always against you. No matter how much you do, you keep lagging. In fact, you often feel like you haven’t really gone anywhere. You want to move forward like a tiger. Instead, you feel like a guinea pig running on a wheel.

What if I said that this feeling of helplessness is self-induced, that it’s time to get help?

make a better life for myself using two words

There are times when you feel that life is unfair, right? That people expect too much from you. If they would just cut you some slack, you could live a better life. Probably even on your own terms.

In reality however, leading life on one’s own terms is difficult, even for entrepreneurs. Why? Because most people yearn for a life which functions according to them. But you and I know that we cannot control everything that occurs in our lives. It’s impossible! Heck, John Maxwell puts it best:

Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.

You see? Even the most emotionally balanced people control 90 percent of their lives.

success secrets of happy people and those who succeed in life revealed

What is your metric of success? Your social status or the amount of money you make? The total valuation of your properties? How quickly you own fancy gadgets gadgets before your peers? Or the number of foreign trips you make? Or some points which are not written here?

I have some bad news. If you measure success with tangible results, you will never have enough. Someone will always make more money than you, or can afford more expensive tastes than you. I’m sure even Columbian drug lords think that they don’t make enough money.

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