how can i become creative

What is creativity? It is the use of imagination and original ideas to create something. Robert E. Franken defines creativity as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others. According to Linda Naiman, it is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It involves two process: thinking, and executing, she explains. “If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.”

If you paint or sing, or draw interesting conclusions from boring data sheets, or even use your commuting time effectively, you are creative.

how you can succeed by looking at things in different ways

Taraka, the demon king, is Indra’s most dangerous enemy. Only a son from Lord Shiva can kill Taraka. But Shiva has no desire to father a child. No amount of seduction from Indra’s apsaras or arrows of Kama (Cupid’s bow for the West) affect Him. In fact, this relentless effort of Indra frustrates Him enough to open His third eye and reduce Kama to ash.

Lord Vishnu then takes help from the Goddess, who dons the avatar of  Kamakshi. She doesn’t approach Shiva as a damsel, but as a a devotee. Impressed by Her devotion, Shiva marries Her and they together produce Kartikeya, who becomes the devas’ commander-in-chief and goes on to kill Taraka.

Kamakshi transforms Shiva the hermit, into Shankar the householder. She leads Him from the icy and isolated peak of Kashi to the great marketplace city of Kashi. How? Is it because She is a woman?

9 apps to help you improve productivity at work and in life


That’s how many hours you have in a day. But the number of tasks on your imaginary to-do list outnumber these hours 5 to 1.

Work, pending projects, chores, spending time with your partner, movies, shopping, social media status updates… the list can go on.

Time is always against you. No matter how much you do, you keep lagging. In fact, you often feel like you haven’t really gone anywhere. You want to move forward like a tiger. Instead, you feel like a guinea pig running on a wheel.

What if I said that this feeling of helplessness is self-induced, that it’s time to get help?

make a better life for myself using two words

There are times when you feel that life is unfair, right? That people expect too much from you. If they would just cut you some slack, you could live a better life. Probably even on your own terms.

In reality however, leading life on one’s own terms is difficult, even for entrepreneurs. Why? Because most people yearn for a life which functions according to them. But you and I know that we cannot control everything that occurs in our lives. It’s impossible! Heck, John Maxwell puts it best:

Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.

You see? Even the most emotionally balanced people control 90 percent of their lives.

success secrets of happy people and those who succeed in life revealed

What is your metric of success? Your social status or the amount of money you make? The total valuation of your properties? How quickly you own fancy gadgets gadgets before your peers? Or the number of foreign trips you make? Or some points which are not written here?

I have some bad news. If you measure success with tangible results, you will never have enough. Someone will always make more money than you, or can afford more expensive tastes than you. I’m sure even Columbian drug lords think that they don’t make enough money.

Behavioural changes make us have bad days

One evening, I sat with some lovely people at a café, discussing the way forward for a project. Everyone was proposing constructive opinions. It was great! While listening to them though, I drew a cube in my book. And shaded it.

That was it! My mind shut down and I stopped listening. When they asked for my opinion, I became John Rambo. You have no idea how horrible I felt later. But what led to this behavioral change?

I have worked in the corporate for many years. I have attended endless meetings; sometimes all day. Colleagues would ask why I looked drained. I said it was because I was. But they refused to believe it. “How can meetings be exhausting?”, they asked. “What better way to spend your day than talk and do no work?”

It Doesn’t Hurt to Be a Nice Guy

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nice guys dont finish last

Serial entrepreneur Danny Shader pitched a business idea to investor David Hornik. Hornik loved it and quickly offered Shader a term sheet showing his keenness to invest. Logic dictated that he make a lucrative offer with a short deadline so that Shader accepted fast.

But David Hornik did the opposite. He set no deadline, and encouraged Shader to pitch to other investors. Hornik sent Shader a list of forty powerful references who could attest for his caliber as an investor, hoping that would sign with him. A week later, Shader called and said, “I’m signing with another investor.” Hornik was devastated.

We shudder at the thought of being a nice guy. Being taken for granted, being burdened with others’ work, being friend-zoned, and losing out on opportunities which others grab. Who wants punishment for being good in today’s evil world? That’s it! No more Mr. Nice Guy!

Wikipedia describes a nice guy as a teenage or adult who is perceived as gentle, compassionate, sensitive and vulnerable. He puts others’ needs before his own, avoids confrontation and generally acts nicely. But we often consider him to be an unassertive person who does not express his true feelings (this applies to all genders). As a result, he ends up feeling used and disrespected. “Ruthless tactics succeed more than kindness,” said baseball manager Leo Dorucher. No wonder nice guys finish last.

Having a bad day

Have you fought with a good friend and, as a result, blown away a diet plan that you had followed well until then? Did an argument at work lead you to having one drink too many? Or did you jump a traffic signal after a having bad day, get pulled over by cops and screamed, “You don’t know my day was!” Have you woken up the next day wondering whether you could have avoided everything that you did? If yes, you are not alone.

What makes us turn into people whom we cannot recognize on bad days? Are there ways to avoid behaving in ways which make us feel miserable later, and force us to apologize to others?

Before we dive into reasons and explanations, let’s look at an interesting case study.

how to become a good entrepreneur while keeping your job

You long for it – to become an entrepreneur. Flexible working hours, being your own boss, hiring people to work for you and no office politics. Wherever you go, people ask how your business is doing. You say it’s slow but picking up, and their eyes fill up with respect. Does that life sound amazing?

It IS amazing. Pursuing something that you enjoy doing is a deeply satisfying feeling. Goodbye Monday morning blues.

Every day, people of all age groups are quitting their jobs to become entrepreneurs. You too can achieve this lifestyle that you desire.

But this life is not a bed of roses. In fact, far from it.

how to make your boss listen to your ideas

I walked to my desk and flung my diary. It thudded loudly and jolted my teammates out of their seats.

What happened?” Arun asked.

“He just doesn’t get it, does he?” I said.

“Did you speak about your idea with the boss?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, working hard to stay calm. “And he said it’s not a priority right now. I mean, what part of ‘improved user experience’ doesn’t he understand!”

“That sucks. It was a good suggestion,” Arun chuckled. I would hate his chuckling as much as I hated my boss.

“I should change my job,” I mumbled. “The new boss will appreciate me.”

“He won’t,” Arun said.

That hurt. I didn’t speak to Arun for a couple of hours. But it was the truth. I needed to hear it, even if I didn’t want to.